As a director, my work engages the multitudinous nature of theater, blurring lines of fiction and non-fiction, dream and material, internal and external, finding within each work a pocket universe that interprets and communicates something different about the real world. I am fascinated constantly with how consciousness engages the world through language and movement. I'm interested in circles, cycles, and following the invisible array of energy that passes through our world and how it manifests. Tension. Magic. Emotions.

        What does that mean?

It means that I am looking at the interplay between all the theatrical elements and figuring out how to arrange them so that the audience is engaging with performers, environment, and spectacle. Every choice affects how a piece of art is received and when directing, I am in dialogue with the writer, the actors, the context, and figuring out through that process, what I think of the world and what we as an ensemble are trying to communicate.


Ultimately, my goal is to have fun, learn more, and channel the unseen while encouraging an audience to engage their imagination, emotions, and intellect.

         What does that look like?

It really depends on the project! You can look below to read about (as yet) unstaged projects or follow through the links above to learn about “finished” projects.


April 2020

The Impostor


is your blood as red as this



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